An “ode” to shitty counselors in Kenya

I see one of the top psychiatrists in Kenya. Or so I am told. She is lovely and has helped me medically wise. Then there’s the reality that eight years back, she saw a relative, and a few years after saw another relative, and I can give her a 2/10 for her mishandling of them. Did she realize she needed to change? Possibly. And the reason I am revealing the gender is because these people are not above reproach because of their profession. I have had- yes, they are people’s relatives- TWO USELESS male psychiatrists in my life that I can’t even. It is not a gender thing; it is a career and age thing. The latter one to treat me should be in retirement with assistant care. He is OLD. It’s one thing to be unaware and bipolar; it’s another to be aware and bipolar. So, please don’t insult my intelligence. Please.

I saw said psychiatrist recently, and because she’s thorough, I had a breakdown and referred me to the adjacent psychologist or whatever her title was. I was crying at this point because life was on a mission to show me that it can fuck me up over severally and not care. Getting a job that screwed me over, and I lost several thousands; I am female, let’s not even look at how society treats me. The reality that I had lost an international fellowship and an opportunity to do my masters… basically being female and alive in my context.

And then we have this psychologist trying to push her narrative on me. That was my telling sign- she said she was a mother. Then continued to create a FUCKING CHRISTIAN PICTURE of how we should treat our parents. Are you shitting me? Are you fucking serious? My case is not extreme, but I wonder if a woman or girl walking in saying that their dad was sexually abusing them, what would be her response? To respect the father because of the Fifth Commandment and asked her to find a way to appreciate the father? Like, are you fucking shitting me?

I am enrolled to become a counseling psychologist. I said this before, and because I don’t want to be sued, I was in an institution studying the same that miserably failed us. To be honest, I am pretty okay calling him a couple of names. But here we are. The point is, I would hate to practice and become one of these counselors, that due to their parental and marital failing, are pushing their views instead of WHAT IS ACTUALLY TAUGHT IN CLASS!        I have done enough to know that at no point should a counselor push their own agenda because the session is about YOU and not THEM! Hell, I am even happy that the program fell through because there is no ass way some of my fellow students should have become counselors.

It took me seeing a trash (I am sorry, but you are) counselor to understand the skepticism.  

Here is my takeaway. Suppose you see a counselor trying to push a system, belief, or whatever toward you (woman, Desiderata wasn’t in the curriculum), walkway. They will damage you. They aren’t better or more qualified to counsel you. Google, minus the conspiracies, will do a better job.

Fuck shitty counselors. Like, just, fuck you.

Oh, and happy Labor day.

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