Being strong is not a compliment

I’ve just seen a quote about strong women not playing victim or pointing fingers. They stand and they deal. Well… They also have breakdowns. You cannot be strong and not have a breaking point.

Everyone breaks, and it looks different for everyone. When I sought treatment for severe depression, that was my breaking point. Lowest I have been in my life- in a blue dress wondering when I’ll be able to go home.

We need to stop telling people to be strong because we aren’t meant to be warriors all the time. Stop and throw a tantrum. Call someone a bitch. Text your girlfriend and tell them hell has broken loose. Cry! But for fucks sake stop being strong all the damn time!

Carrying my family weighed me down. I was never meant to be carrying that load in the first place. Before you take your strength for a heroic thing, consider all the monkeys you’re carrying that aren’t yours. Now, think about who’s circus you’re in.

I was strong. I tried to be. But I’ve learned that I can’t break again if I make my life about me. If I love myself. If I have compassion. I’ll journal, I’ll say fuck yous, and I’ll rant. After I’ll go on with life. I’m not in the business of being strong anymore.

I’m in the business of eating life with a big spoon. Strong people suffer. I’ll pass on being called strong. I’ll go with savior any day.

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