Be kind to depressed people, they are already beating themselves up

Today I was called out. I was not amused. It was basically “are you sure you can handle this new role especially since you were unable to fulfill the previous one?”

They had a reason to say that. Totally warranted. When I thought about it further, I realized the reason I had lost flavor for the role at the time was because I had lost flavor for life itself. Getting out of bed was an issue. What of an official role in a group?

My point is, be kind. Especially if you know the person struggles with depression. I am not saying don’t tell us when we are wrong, just ensure that you do it in private and from a loving place, not with four other people on the table and questioningly.

We don’t stop doing things because we are lazy. It’s, quite literally, we’d rather sleep and not wake up on some days.

If someone has told you they are legit depressed, be kind. It won’t cost you anything. Otherwise, it might cost a life.